Mossbawnhill Breeders classes & Grps

Margaret Wildman (Wildax):

1st Hound Breeders Group @ South Wales Kennel Assoc Ch Show

"Hunters Whippets. A nice group of whippets,that looked good together. They had lovely heads & were very well put together with well constructed  bodies & they moved easily & freely."

Patsy Hollings (Gunalt):

1st Hound Breeders Group @ Belfast Ch Show

"Hunter - Whippet, Smooth lines & true sound action,worked in unison."

Mossbawnhill How Bout I Be Me ~ "Ember"

Mrs Jill Peak (Bayard)

1st PB & BPB @ LKA Ch Show

"Very nice breed type,excellent head proportions,good eye,nice neat ears,good neck & shoulders,nice straight legs,correct bone,good feet,good body & ribbing,nice quarters,moved very well both ways & in profile holding her shape & topline."

Mossbawnhill All Eyes On Me ~ "Tawny"

Mr Bill Browne-Cole (Travella):

1st PB,RBCC & BPIB @ Ladies Kennel Assoc Ch. Show

"This bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring,she is built for the job she is bred for. She oozes quality & could'nt stand wrong and what a mover! RBCC & BPIB"

Dagmar Kenis-Pordham (Solstrand):

1st PB @ South Wales Kennel Assoc Ch Show

"Pale fawn baby of 8mths. Very nice old fashioned head,rather stronger over the skull,with a lovely eye. At present shoulder rather forward set but upper arm well set back to elbow. Excellent bone for size & not too heavy,excellent definition of underline & topline,nicely angulated hind quarters,very true & precise mover"

Max King (Brenin):

1st "Pro Plan" MPB Stks @ South Wales Kennel Club

"Whippet,feminine young bitch with all before her,stylish in every dept,good shape & size with true fluid movement"

Jun Ch. Mossbawnhill U Bet I Am ~ "Folly"

Mr Brian Foster (Stormpasture):

1st LB @ Hound Club Of N.I Open Show

"Sound bitch with good overall balance & proportions,pretty head,well constructed front assembly & very sound"

Mr Gavin Robertson (Soletrader):

1st LB @ Belfast Ch Show

"A really good class with depth of quality. Hunters Jun Ch.Mossbawnhill U Bet I Am,super size,head,front assembly,proportions & outline. Nice condition,moved well from all angles. Pushed hard for top awards"

Nicky Warner (Savuka):

2nd LB @ N.I Whippet Club Ch Show

"Parti bitch who I really admired,nice head,neck & shoulder,just fell away a little on her topline. Very sound"

Roger Stock (Courthill):

1st LB @ Houndshow Ch Show

"Br/wh parti,super feminine head into well laid shoulders,excellent depth of brisket & hind angulation,a bitch with a real quality look about her,very sound moving"

Bitte Ahrens-Primavera (Sobers):

1st GB @ Birmingham National Ch Show

"Grey brindle/white bitch of lovely type & size. Nice body proportions & overall balance. Very pretty head with lovely expression. Elegant neck,correct front with good bone & feet. Lovely topline & underline. Well angulated rear,moved soundly & typical with a nice attitude. Very well presented."

Michael Western:

1st Sp Yearling D/B @ N.IRE West Highland Open Show

"A beautiful young lemon brindle parti bitch that I have loved since she started her career. Correct size & very feminine with it.She has a beautifully shaped skull with a beautiful soft expression,long well shaped neck set into a well laid shoulder & return.Good depth & length of body for her age,well filled in front,strong hind quarters & she moved around the ring with real reach in front & drive from behind. Overall a lovely young bitch that I would love to see again when mature."

Claire Rishworth:

2nd PGB @ Leeds Ch Show

"Lemon Brindle,a favorite of mine,perfect for size,feminine & elegant,decent feet & bone,front & rear angulation spot on,would just like to see her carrying a little more condition to finish the picture"

Fiona Roberston (Sheol):

1st Grad D/B @ Ballymena DCC Open

"Beautiful head & expression,good bone & correct size,nice underline very typical of the breed & a very sound mover"

Lyn Hewson (Rekaylahn):

1st LB,BOB & BIS @ N.Ire Hound Club Open

"Stunning 19mth old brindle & white of the correct size. Beautiful head,dark eye,flat skull & strong jaw.Neat ears,long neck. Deep chest with correct infill in front. Strong pasterns with neat feet. Well off for bone & substance. Correct topline,strong loin. Well made hind quarters which were not exaggerated. Moved steadily & soundly covering the ground with ease. BOB & BIS." 

Helen Fielden/Patterson:

1st JB @ Belfast Ch Show

"Lemon brindle/white pretty bitch,sweet head,well put together,nice bone,long arched neck into good shoulder placement,neat feet and covered the ground on the move"

Rodney Oldham:

1st Junior Bitch Stakes @ Belfast Ch Show 

"Displays cleanest of lines with action to match,particularly scored in front assembly with her well filled front"

Mary Lowe (Nimrodel):

1st PB,BPB & SBPIS @ South West Whippet Club

"Lemon brindle,perfect size, lovely flowing outline, just right for age,loved her outlook & prescence combined with really good movement from all angles. BP"

Steve Hall:

2nd "Lincoln" Pro-Plan Puppy Bitch Stakes @ Manchester Ch Show

"Very feminine whippet,quite racy lines with a good overlay. Still needs to mature in ribbing.Pleasing in head,ample neck,good forehand,good proportions,precise in movement & in good order."

Graham Hill:

2nd Pro Plan Puppy Bitch Stakes @ Belfast Ch Show

"Grey/brindle whippet who has an eye-catching profile,she has a typy head & a desirable expression,flowing all through & she looks to be built for speed & power. I liked her topline & balanced angulation front & rear,moves out well."

Pauline Oliver (Spyanfly):

2nd MPB @ South Wales Kennel Assoc Ch.

"Litter sister to the 1st,also very appealing & moved easily & soundly,smaller & slightly more compact than one,I just  preferred the shoulder of one."

Rushden Where There's Smoke With Mossbawnhill ~ "Smoke"

Lyn Hewson (Rekaylahn):

1st AV Hound Puppy Dog & BPIS

"Elegant Black & White whippet,just 6 months old. Long,lean head with a dark well shaped eye. Good front with correct lay of shoulder & return of upper arm. Unexaggerated top line,well angulated quarters. Moved well. A super youngster that I hope has done all his growing. Delighted to award him BPIS."  

UK,IR & INT Ch Mossbawnhill It's All Bout Me (EW09) ~ "Pebble"

Mrs Jill Peak (Bayard):

2nd OB @ LKA Ch Show

"5yr old bitch,another first class exhibit. Lovely type & absolutely sound fore & aft,covered the ground with ease. Good head & expression,clean neck & shoulders,lovely legs & feet,good body & ribbing,strong well muscled loin,good set on." 

Mr Brian Foster (Stormpasture):

1st AV Hound Ch. Stakes @ Hound Club Of N.I Open Show

"Truly breathtaking silver fawn whippet bitch who had not entered the breed so could go no further,she is so correct for size,type & soundness,pretty head,excellent forehand & great quarters,wonderful balance. Simply Outstanding!"

Dagmar Kenis-Pordham (Solstrand):

1st OB,CC & BOB @ South Wales Kennel Assoc Ch Show

"This 5yr old light brindle bitch just shouts whippet,she not only shows the most typical outline but she is a more correct size than most bitches in the ring & to top this is a lovely mover,very free & elastic in side action & very true in front. Lovely old fashioned head,a bit strong over backskull,lovely soft expression & lovely neck,just strong enough,well angulated forehand with elbow well set back,just the right amount of bone for her size,lovely definition of underline & strong topline with sweep over the croup to nicely angulated hindquarters,overall so well balanced. CC & BOB"

Bitte Ahrens-Primavera (Sobers):

2nd OB @ Birmingham National Ch Show

"A top quality whippet. Light blue brindle/white bitch of lovely type. Stylish & very well presented. Pretty head & expression.Nice neck,would like it a little bit smoother set. Lovely topline & underline. Correct angulation. Nice bone & feet. Moves close to the ground but would just like to see a little bit more reach from the side. Very sound coming & going. Shown in wonderful condition."

Age Gjetnes:

2nd OB @ Welsh KC Ch Show

"Classical curvy whippet both of the highest quality.Excellent size,head,expression & ears.Well set neck of good length,beautiful top & underline,excellent depth of brisket,excellent forechest. Moves really nicely from all angles with great balance & energy,never putting a foot wrong"

Claire Rishworth:

2nd OB @ Leeds Ch Show

"Another excellent example of a top quality bitch,brindle,lovely head,beautiful neck & shoulders,well balanced & correct in construction,moved with enthusiam & drive"

Dr Goran Bodegard:

1st OB & RCC @ Southern Counties Ch Show

"Some very pleasing bitches in this class. Winner is a feminine high quality white and brindle bitch of excellent size and proportions,she is excelling in the balance and interplay between topline and underline as well as angulations in front part to hindquarters. The outlines are classic and she is close to perfection in front and rear construction. Moved with presence and style but got a little less interested in doing so in the challenge for the BCC. Was told she gained her title and also the group the weekend before at Bath,which is highly understandable and I was later informed that she was my BOS winner at the European FCI Show in Dublin last year."

Jarmo Vuorinen (Scheiks):
1st OB,CC & BOB @ Bath Ch Show

"High quality bitch,very stylish all over,beautiful flowing lines,lovely head and expression,excellent neck,balanced angulations,excellent body,beautiful smooth topline,free easy-going movement from all sides CC,BOB."

Denys Simpson:

Grp 1st @ Bath Ch Show

"G1 the Whippet,Hunter's Ir Ch.Mossbawnhill It's All Bout Me - and it certainly was all about her in this group. She caught my eye immediately for her quality and type. A super feminine bitch with a shapely,flowing outline. Most beautiful head with a strong under jaw. Well constructed body with deep brisket. Strongly muscled quarters with good bend of stifle,which she used to move around the ring freely and with drive. Beautifully presented." 

Leigh Morris (Crosscop):

2nd OB @ Belfast Ch Show

"light/br, nice type, good size & balance, moved soundly with ease around the ring"

Espen Engh (Jet's):

1st OB,BCC & SBIS @ Whippet Club Of Scotland

Excellent brindle bitch with some white trim,strong yet elegant,excellent size,type & quality,sovery sound & stands so firmly on her legs & feet.Very typical whippet head with good width of skull,excellent ears. Her neck is elegant yet strong. Excellent front,forechest & depth. In superb rock hard condition which was not the norm on the day. Shapely, well proportioned and balanced body. Moved cleanly & soundly coming and going,well balanced from the side,but could open up a little more for total perfection. CC & BOB (BIS)

Albert Ritchie (Gwendariff)

1st OB @ Hound Assoc Of Scotland

"Silver brindle,another quality bitch who stood out & was considered for a further result later,she exuded quality from all depts,head,shoulders,spring of rib,topline,under carriage & rear-quarters,moved the best in this class"

Pam Marston-Pollock (Falconcrag):

1st LB

"Feminine with clean shoulders & good body development,adequate spring of rib,flowing topline into hindquarters"

Marion Spavin (Dialynne):

1st PB & Best Opp Sex Puppy @ Belfast Ch Show

"Lovely quality head,nicely balanced body with good topline,super front & quarters,very sound free mover,should have a bright future"

Gwen Hempstock (Broughland)

2nd PB  @ N.Ire Whippet Club

"This silver brindle was really unlucky to meet the winner,as there is so much to like about her. Lovely scope & balance,has elegance & style & she showed & moved very well. Obvious potential for the future"

UK,IR & INT Ch Mossbawnhill Exclusive (CJW 08) ~ "Timber"

Mr Gavin Robertson (Soletrader):

1st OD,DCC & BOB @ Belfast Ch Show

"My notes say A1 throughout. Super shape & balance,loved his style & free flowing lines,clean neck & shoulders,nice depth of chest,holds top-line well on the move, strong rear,great feet,detailed head-piece,correct strength of muzzle & underjaw CC & BOB"

Bitte Ahrens-Primavera (Sobers):

2nd OD @ Birmingham National

"Blue brindle/white dog of slightly different type than number one but with plenty of good qualities. More upstanding than one. Showed himself with lovely attitude & style.Nice head & expression. Good neck,moderate but well balanced angulations in front & rear. His white marking in the front makes you think that he is more straight in upper arm than he actually he. A very sound & easy mover. Very well handled."

Dagmar Kenis-Pordham (Solstrand):

1st OD,DCC & BOS @ Crufts 2011

"Exceptionally well presented to show off his lovely breed type,this brindle & white dog simply spells quality,he is an acceptable size with bone that is just right. Wonderful head & expression,small tightly laid back ears but when asked was so alert & correct in expression. Nice & cleanly muscled over the front with elbows correctly set back,chest shows just the right spring of rib. Beautiful flow over the topline & croup to his strong wide hind-quarters. Free un-exaggerated mover,while at the same time reaching well out in a ground covering action,a proud male & every inch a champion in outlook. Only beaten for Best Of Breed by the sheer beauty of the bitch."

Espen Engh (Jet's):

1st LD,DCC & BOS @ Whippet Club Of Scotland

"Very attractive white and brindle male who combines substance & elegance to perfection.Masculine head.Long & crested neck.Moderately angulated in front,his markings on the show side make him look straighter in upper arm than he actually is.Excellent underline.When overstretched on the stack,he looks somewhat sloping in topline,but balances out on the move.Covers plenty of ground. Excellent legs & feet. Long,well angulated hindquarters. Moved very effortlessly,sound & supple from all angles. CC."  

Helen Fielden/Patterson:

1st OD & RDCC @ Belfast Ch Show

"Lovely typical dog with good head,clean neck,well placed shoulders,well angulated front & rear,neat feet. Moved soundly holding his topline,RCC"

Mike Howgate (Palmik):

1st OD @ South West Whippet Club

"Five Champions showing today headed by this brindle & white trim dog who has substance,muscle definition & stood four square. Long neck with a pleasing flow into a good shoulder placement. He can really move around the ring with purpose which is what won him the class here. He was close up in the RCC challenge but I preferred the elegance & scope of the RCC winner."

Joan Fryer-Clark

1st L D/B,BOB & Grp 1st

"A lovely brindle dog,lovely flat head with slight stop,good strong,straight jaws,correct scissor bite,small rose ears,dark eye & nose,straight front,true front & rear movement,deep chest,nice tuck up & strong muscular rear quarters,nice arch of neck,nice arch over the loins,well bent stifle,moved with drive,neat well arched feet,side-gait was an easy flowing movement,a real pleasure to go over. Well earned BOB & Grp 1st"   

Jean Shaw (Lowglen)

1st Members class & 3rd LD @ N.Ire Whippet Club 

"Third in a good limit dog class,correct size,good front,well proportioned with strong,well muscled quarters"

Patricia Clayton

2nd J D/B

"Well bred boy just turned 12mths,in a larger mould to the winning bitch but of good type & balance,had a tendancy to slightly toe in with left foot when coming towards me,in super bloom & condition"

Marion Spavin (Dialynne):

1st PD,BPIB & P.GRP 3 (under Geoff Corish) @ Belfast Ch Show

"Lovely head & eye,excellent front,neck & shoulders,good turn of stifle,nice topline,so very sound moving BP"

Hempstock (Broughland)

1st PD @ N.Ire Whippet Club

"Brindle & white,nice size,pleasing in type & front assembly"


IR & INT Ch Mossbawnhill Better Man ~ "Badger"

Graham Hill:

2nd OD

"Mature male who has obvious soundness in make & attractive look in profile.Eyecatching with his balanced profile having nothing in exaggeration.True sound front,having obvious forechest & just enough width.Well made body with a firm covering.One with elegance both standing & on the move."

Espen Engh (Jet's):

2nd OD

"White & brindle male,very powerful and strong but still elegant.Masculine head,strong neck.Balanced angulation both ends.Deep chest.Moved better than most from all angles. Would prefer some more chiselling all over"

Patricia Clayton

3rd OD

"This 2yr old speaks of quality & is of a pleasing construction through-out,
just unlucky to meet above today" 

Stephanie Robertson (Sheol):

2nd OD & RGS

"Brindle parti,nice head & eye,lovely length of neck into correct shoulders,good depth of chest,nice driving action on the move,just preferred 1 on the day"

Michael Western (Zafonic):

1st OD

"Upstanding brindle & white,top end of the height range. Strong head into a long well made neck,good straight front with depth,which combined with superb length & great hind angles helped him move around the ring with ease & enthusiasm"

Jeff Horswell:

1st LD & RDCC

"Very shapely & elegant,the one in this class with very good length of stride,masculine head,long neck into a well made shoulder.Tight feet,very good body for age.Well bent stifle with super hocks,quality dog who really covers the ground. RCC"


1st GD & BOB

"Nice angles,correct topline & fallaway,moved very soundly"


1st GD

"12mth dog,up to size,good outline & shape,masculine head without any coarseness,good assembly,moved really well"

Nenne Runsten (Airescot):

2nd YD

"Br/w,nice masculine head,good neck & topline,enough angulation,tail a little high set but carried well,excellent mover"

Jan Beckett (Phinjani):

1st PD

"R/w/br with good ears,nice dark eye,well arched neck into well made shoulders,plenty of length & moved well"

Mossbawnhill Turn Up The Sun ~ "Teazel"

Fiona Robertson (Sheol):

1st OB,BOB & Grp 2nd

"What a beautiful bitch,super head & eye,excellent mover,lovely depth of chest,everything I was looking for in a whippet! BOB & also 2nd in the Grp" 

Lyn Hewson (Rekaylahn):
1st OB

"5 yr old brindle. Lovely head & expression,neat ears. Good reach of neck,deep chest,well filled in at front. Slight rise over the loin to correctly made quarters. Lovely shape,standing over a lot of ground."

Jeff Horswell:

1st JB & BCC

"Lovely class,headed by Hunter's M.Turn Up The Sun,high quality,very firm & elegant yet still strong & a handy size,super head,long neck into well laid shoulders. Grand body,short strong loin,graceful topline,pleasing rear. Looks a bit raw & young but a very good prospect.Quality & movement won the CC"

Martin Sanders:

1st JB Stks

"Classic bitch,classic outline,ultra feminine throughout. On inspection her head is so well balanced with a beautiful expression.Super neck & clean shoulders. Still does need to drop into her frame but with normal maturity this should develop in the months to come. Good topline & tailset,stands on excellent bone & neat well knuckled feet,on the move showed good rear drive & forward reach keeping her outline at all times. Presented in excellent order and will have a very bright future with normal luck"

Stephanie Robertson (Sheol):

1st OB,GSB & BOB

"Lemon brindle,beautiful girl,very sweet feminine expression,lovely eye & super neck,lovely length of loin & deep chest,needs to body up but still a young bitch. Super movement & at one with her handler,very pleased to give her the Green Star and Best Of Breed"

Collooney Mamma Mia ~ "Bracken"

Dagmar Kenis-Pordham (Solstrand):

1st VB @ South Wales Kennel Assoc Ch Show

"I was not surprised to that this eight year old brindle bitch was the dam of the CC winner,they would make a beautiful brace,although she is perhaps a bit taller than her daughter. She has the most lovely whippet outline,a very nice feminine head,ears somewhat larger,very nicely angulated in front & in hindquarters. She carries her years lightly,which this breed should." 

Nicky Warner (Savuka):

1st VB & BVIS @ N.I Whippet Club Ch Show

"2 beautiful older ladies in this class who are a real credit to their owners,both in good nick & looking well for their ages 8 & 7 respectively,coat & skin looking good & both moved really well"

Roger Stock (Courthill):

1st VB @ Houndshow Ch Show

"Lovely bitch who should have been made up in her youth,brindle with white trim,very shapely & sound & in top condition & moving very soundly"

Bob Belshaw (Permadon):

1st VB & BVIS @ N.I Whippet Club Ch Show

"Brindle bitch over seven years & still in remarkable shape & condition,several nice features in  a lovely outline,moved out really well & performed like a bitch much younger in years."

Molly Head (Demerlay):

2nd SpVB @ Houndshow Ch Show

"A brindle bitch that I have previously given a RCC to & she in no way disappointed me this time around. She stands over a lot of ground on excellent legs & feet & still powers round the ring in serious fashion. These two were very close up for me,so I let age be the deciding factor." 

Molly Head (Demerlay):

1st LB & RCC @ Whippet Club Of Scotland Ch Show

"Hunter's Collooney Mamma Mia,heading another super class,this honey/br caught my eye from the first glance,excellent to go over,best of fronts & shoulder placement,scopy balanced outline,lovely long stride with great reach & drive,up to size but so very elegant that she gets away with it,liked her immensely. Close up for the CC but just lost her rythmic stride in the challenge. Super bitch.RCC"

Caroline Osbourne (Derohan):

2nd OB & RCC @ Belfast Ch Show

"Another lovely brindle bitch. A little stronger all through than 1 but very well put together. She moved soundly & easily to take the RCC"

Caroline Shepperd:

1st OB,BOB & Grp 2nd @ Antrim DCC Open Show

"This was another lovely class of high quality exhibits,headed by a beautifully balanced bitch in super,rock hard condition. Lovely outline of flowing curves,from her well-laid shoulders to her sweeping hindquarters,with long,powerful thighs & second thighs and well-set,strong hocks. Very precise mover. BOB in this superb quality entry"

Marion Spavin (Dialynne)

2nd OB @ Belfast Ch Show

"Lovely shaped head,nice eye,very nice front,neck & outline,good quarters,moved very well"

Lydia Cooper:

2nd OB

"Very attractive head on this bitch,well proportioned with clean neck & good outline"

Roger Tebbutt:

1st OB @ Hound Club of N.I Open Show

"Lovely free movement won her the class,showing power & using her strong hind-quarters to great effect"

Gwen Hempstock (Broughland):

1st Members class & Res OB @ N.I Whippet Club Ch Show

"A pleasing line up headed by Hunter's Collooney Mamma Mia. An attractive brindle bitch of considerable merit,stood res in OB.Well balanced & an impressive mover,looked as if she could go all day"

Nenne Runsten (Airescot):

2nd PGB @ Southern Counties Ch Show

"A femine bitch of lovely size,fawn/br,very well made all through,well balanced without any exaggeration,moved nicely. Very difficult choice between 1 & 2 in this lovely class,both could have been my final winner"

Stevie O'Brien (Sheol):

2nd LB @ Whippet Club Of Scotland Ch Show

"fawn/br nice sized girl,well balanced throughout,in good muscle tone,has alll the breed type & moved well"

Ferelith Somerfield:

1st OB @ Hound Club Of N.I Open Show

"Very attractive brindle/wh,good neck,shoulders & outline,pleasing head,good legs & feet,looked very well on the move"


1st O D/B & BOB @ Ballymena DCC Open

"Nicely balanced bitch,good neck & shoulder,moved very soundly. BOB"

Irene Glen:

1st OB & RBOB @ Fox Terrier Club All Breed Open

"What a lovely class of quality bitches,headed by Hunter's Collooney Mamma Mia,feminine bitch with lovely flowing lines,best of heads,good shoulders & depth,very stylish mover. RBOB"

Steve Hall:

1st Sp Beginners Stks (entry of 54) @ Manchester Ch Show

"Very royally bred whippet with beautiful lines,very feminine,just the right size,good action in every direction"

Paul Mc Farlane (Cornstalk):

1st LB & Best Limit in Show @ N.I Whippet Club Open Show

"Slightly strong bitch but of a lovely type,nice for quality & looks,nice expression,good neck & shoulders,good top & under lines,good length of loin & long croup. Hind angles are good with well let down hocks,moved soundly fore & aft & excellently in profile which was far reaching with lots of drive"

J.Aitken Johnston:

1st LB @ Belfast Ch Show

"Lovely head & expression,in firm condition,balanced outline,good profile,good size,strong bone,good topline,powerful quarters,good front & feet,very positive on the move holding her topline,moved out very soundly"

Mossbawnhill Better Son ~ "Cedar"

Espen Engh (Jets):

2nd JD @ Whippet Club Of Scotland Ch Show

"Eyecatching,white & brindle  dog with generally high quality. More width of skull than I prefer,long neck,still needs to develop forechest,excellent underline. Tends to fall off a little over croup,moved a little narrow in front but very well from behind & acceptable from the side"

Joan Fryer-Clark

1st Sp.Y D/B

"11 month brindle & white male,most promising yongster,lovely head,true front & rear,litter brother to my puppy winner,so much goes for him as her (how lucky to have such promise in the one litter) moved with drive"

Jean Shaw (Lowglen):

1st MPD @ N.I Whippet Club Ch Show

"White & fawn brindle,He was a good length,strode out well with purpose & drive,holding his topline"